Binaca Geetmala was a hugely popular weekly radio program that was commenced over the Commercial Hindi Service of Radio Ceylon from 03. 12. 1952 to 04. 04. 1994. After 1988 , it was shifted to All India Radio's Vividh Bharati network . It is considered as the first radio countdown show of Indian Hindi film songs . The show was first called BINACA GEETMALA , then CIBACA GEETMALA , later CIBACA SANGEETMALA and thereafter COLGATE CIBACA GEETMALA .

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At its onset in 1952 , the program was started broadcasting on each Wednesday for half an hour from 8.00 to 8.30 pm and did not rank songs , but rather played seven contemporary songs in no order . Since 1954 , the program started broadcasting from 8.00 to 9.00 pm , played sixteen songs , ranking them from number ( Paydaan) 16th to 1st according to their popularity . The popularity of the songs was decided on the basis of sales of gramophone records in selected shops in selected cities . Although it merely provided a rough indication of the popularity of a song , many still considered the chart to be very prestigious .

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ANNUAL PROGRAMMES OF GEETMALA - On the last two Wednesday of each year, the Annual Programmes of Geetmala was broadcasted. The year end lists were compiled based on points earned by songs through the year. The First Annual Programme was broadcasted on 30th December 1953. MOST POPULAR RADIO PROGRAM - Geetmala was the most popular radio program in India during its run listened to by millions of Hindi music lovers . The estimated listership of this countdown show was about 15,00,000 to 20,00,000. It greatly increased the popularity of Radio Ceylon , making it the primary source of popular film mudic on radio for the Indian subcontinent . The listeners of Geetmala were were from all over Asia, and even from East Africa. AMEEN SAYANI : BECAME A HOUSEHOLD NAME The show was hosted during its entire run by well known worldfame announcer PADAMSHRI AMEEN SAYANI , the most popular radio anchor in India . The initial half hour Geetmala began as an experimental weekly jackpot show based on a random selection of songs . According to Ameen Sayani ? For all of Rs. 25, I was required to select the songs, produce, script and compare the programme, and also sort the mail. The programme involved a competition and we expected 40-50 letters. The first episode brought 9,000. Within a year, the number touched 60,000. It was a very difficult job to read all the letters. Fortunately, the competition was shelved in 1954, and was replaced by a 1-hour countdown hit-parade. Ameen Sayani ran the programme to record smashing success for nearly 42 years, earning a place among the world, s top broadcasters. He was the man with the gravelly voice and stylized drawl, through this show became a household name in India.



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