Hindi Film Sangeet,75 Varsho Ka Safar

The book , titied Hindi Film Sangeet : 75 Varshon Ka Safar ( Hindi Film Music : 75 years journey ) penned by Anil Bhargava is almost an encyclopaedia of Hindi film music. The book was released by famous musician and playback singer Manna Dey on 23rd April 2006 on occasion of Platinum Jubillee of Hindi Film Sangeet as on 14th March 2006, Hindi film music industry completed its 75 years. While releasing the book, Manna Dey said that the book is a praise worthy attempt and an occasion like the Platinum Jubillee of Hindi Music industry deserved such a tribute. The book contains a yearwise description of various aspects releated to music in Hindi films between 1931 and 2005. Topics covered in the book include information about musicians, lyricists and playback singers ; critical articles, about each years music, famous songs, leading awards and important events, related with film music of each year.


Geetmala ka Sureela Safar

The book is about the most popular radio programme and the first radio countdown show of Indian Hindi film songs Binaca Geet mala , broadcasted through Radio Ceylon and hosted by the most popular radio anchor Padamshree Ameen Sayani from 1952 to 1994. The book gives a detailed and yearwise description of Binaca Geetmala including the lists of all the Annual Programmes ( lists of songs, ranking and played according to their popularity ) of Geetmala and also the lists of Runners up songs of each year. There is an exclusive interview also with Sh. Ameen Sayani about Binaca Geetmala programme. The book was released by world fame musician and Grammy award winner Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt at a colourful function held in Jaipur on 23rd April 2007. In the programme, a message of sh. Ameen Sayani, which he send from Mumbai in a CD, was also played. The voice of Ameen Sayani gave much pleasant heart touching feelings to audience.


Swaron Ki Yatra

The forthcoming book titled SWARON KI YATRA , written by Anil Bhargava , is related with the playback singers of Hindi films. Since 1931, when talkie movies started, more than two thousand playback singers contributed their voice to the songs of Hindi movies. This book will provide information about all of them and also about the changing trends of playback singing in different times i.e Kajjan Nisar Yug , Sahgal Yug , Lata Rafi Yug , Kishore Kumar Yug and the Vartman Yug.


Hindi Filmon Ke Geetkar

As the title of the book indicates, the book is related to the lyricists who penned the memorable songs in hindi movies. It includes the biography, contribution to cine music, important films, awards won and popular songs of more than 200 lyriclsts who penned memorable songs in hindi movies from 1931 (the beginning year of talkie movies) to 2011. The book also includes some information of around 1200 lyricists in brief, who wrote in a few films only.


Hindi Cinema Sadi ka Safar

As the title of the book indicates, the book is related to Year wise Complete History of Hindi Cinema since 1913 to 2012. More details...


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